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  1. beautiful

    The World Card (1st), Justice (2nd) and The King of Cups (3rd). An old friend is ignoring me regarding projects. Why is he doing this? I feel like retreating and doing nothing …. but I think I want an outcome but I do not wish to upset or ruffle feathers.

  2. Well, I don’t do unsolicited online readings for free. But, if I were to give those cards a look, I would need a lot more information, such as are you reading for your friend or you? If for him, does your friend know, and did he give you permission to read him? What was your intent when pulling those cards? What kind of projects? What deck were you using? Have you cleaned your deck? Do you charge your deck?

    In giving ant reading, it is important to answer the whole question. Now, I will not answer any of the questions I posed, but offered them for your consideration.

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